Whether you’re ready for it or not, winter is almost here. For Coloradoans all along the Front Range, that means cold nights and a mix of both sunny and snowy days. Although the sun may keep the temperatures mild during the day, at night, you’ll be turning up the thermostat. So, how can you keep your energy bills from breaking the bank? In today’s blog from Greyrock Window and Door, we want to give our friends and neighbors some simple steps for keeping your energy costs in check. Keep reading to learn more.  

Turn Down Your Thermostat

Although this may be contrary to all rational thought, looking at when and how much you can turn down your thermostat in the winter will save you quite a bit in the long run. Of course, you don’t want to be uncomfortable or have to wear your puffy coat at the dinner table, but you should be turning your thermostat down when you go to sleep at night. Studies actually show that people sleep better in cooler temperatures. 

Before you go to bed, consider turning your thermostat down 10 or 15 degrees. Or, better yet, install a programmable thermostat and then set it and forget it! Just this one small adjustment can save you up 10% a year on your heating bills. 

Switch To Energy-Saving LED Light Bulbs

During the winter people tend to leave the lights on longer because of the shorter, darker days. Many people also put up decorative lights to celebrate the holidays. As a result of using more energy to power these lights, you see a jump in your energy bill. You can offset the increase, however, by installing energy-efficient LED lights. They come in all different sizes and styles for your home and they even come as holiday outdoor string lights! The initial cost may be a little more, but in the long run, you’ll see significant energy savings.    

Upgrade Your Windows and Doors

If you haven’t considered the age or condition of your windows and doors lately, now is the time. Homes with older windows often don’t have the energy-efficient features that current windows do. Also, keep in mind that your windows take a lot of abuse with the large temperature swings and erratic Colorado weather. Over time, the seal around your windows may become compromised and start to let cold air in. This can also happen if the windows weren’t installed properly. Drafty windows are one of the biggest reasons for having to run your heater more often, thereby creating a bigger energy bill. The same can happen with doors too, so you should have your doors inspected at the same time. 

Get Energy Efficient Windows and Doors From Greyrock

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