If you own a home and notice that your roof is starting to leak, you would make arrangements to have it fixed. The same goes for other home repairs. But sometimes there are home improvement projects that aren’t so apparent — and they could be affecting your comfort and costing you money. In today’s post from Greyrock Window and door, we want to discuss four signs that it might be time for window replacement. Keep reading, and if any of these sound familiar to you, please contact us. 

Increasing Energy Costs

Does it seem like your air conditioner never stops in summer and your heater runs non stop in the winter? The amount you run your HVAC system is usually directly related to the weather outside, but if it seems like you’re running it longer than usual, or you’re using it about the same but your energy bills still keep increasing, the problem may be because of your windows.

Older windows can have a significant impact on your home’s insulation. They can allow excess cold or hot air to come in at times of the year when you don’t want it. Do you get a chill when you stand next to your windows in the wintertime? New windows with multiple panes and better insulation features may be just what you need to stay cozy in your home, all-year-round.

Your Windows Are Difficult to Open or Close

If you love the smell of the fresh morning air but have given up on trying to get your windows to open, you may want to consider window replacement. Windows should open and close easily and lock securely. If they don’t, they aren’t working properly and as intended. It’s possible that they could just use a good cleaning and a little lubricant, but if that doesn’t seem to do the trick, you may have a warped or ill-fitting frame. 

You Feel a Draft

The wind in Colorado can get pretty intense, but you should never hear it whistling around your windows. Not only is this the sound of your energy bills going up, but it’s a sign that you may have a bigger problem and potential security issue. A draft can be caused by any number of issues including a faulty seal, water damage causing the frame around the window to warp, or even a faulty locking mechanism. Whatever the case, you should have a professional take a look to determine if old or damaged windows are the cause.  

You Can Hear Everything Outside

Many people may not think of their windows as playing a key role in soundproofing, but in fact, they do. Older windows with less insulation or single-paned windows make every barking dog or car going by sound as if they are coming right through your living room. With window replacement, you can finally have more control over what you hear. Want to hear the birds chirping in the morning? Your new windows will easily glide open. Want to sleep in after a late night of work? New windows will help keep those outside noises at a minimum so you can get the rest you need. 

Call Greyrock Window and Door

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