Living here in Fort Collins, the team at Greyrock Window & Door enjoys a great quality of life and work-life balance. With Money Magazine rating Fort Collins as the number one place to live in America (circa 2008), it’s no secret that Northern Colorado is the place to be. And what does this mean for the housing market? Inflated housing prices, to be sure. 

Maybe you’ve lived in the area for years, enjoying your best years in the Front Range. Perhaps you’re new to the area and you’ve purchased a fixer-upper home to save a little bit of money. Whatever the case, there’s no doubt that Greyrock Window & Door continues to be busy serving the good homeowners of Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming — and with the area’s explosive population growth, we don’t see that ending anytime soon! 

Maximize Your Property’s Potential With Our Window and Door Company

Greyrock Window & Door has the craftsmanship, skills, workforce, and materials necessary to add lasting beauty and value to your home. Our goal is to make you feel confident in your home improvement investment, as well as secure and comfortable with your own living space. 

In today’s blog post, our Fort Collins-based window company presents several great ways to increase your home’s value and how our services can help. Read on to learn more, or feel free to reach out and contact the Greyrock team at any time with any questions. 

Increasing Your Home’s Value

Be Intentional: Think Holistically, But Start Room-To-Room

Home improvement is best viewed as a marathon, not a sprint. This means that you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew, and that you’ll enjoy more accomplishment and satisfaction with progressive improvements rather than tackling a massive, lengthy project right out of the gate. 

Think: what would make my home more enticing and enjoyable to X market or X demographic? Once you have a solid idea of what will make your home more valuable (real estate professionals are paid to know these things!), then you can start chipping away at the greater project room by room. 

Energy Efficiency Counts

Homeowners are all about going green and saving energy these days. That’s a great thing, of course, as it’s a total win/win for the environment and their pocketbooks. Modern, updated appliances as well as a newer HVAC system may be expensive investments up front, but compared to conventional machinery, they’re guaranteed to pay off over time. 

And when it comes to the housing market, prospective home buyers are totally willing to spend that much more on a house if it comes with retrofitted windows, doors, and other things that will reduce their total energy consumption. If you’re thinking about selling, making these upgrades will immediately pay off in the total resale value of your home, and the new homeowners will break even at some point. That’s another win/win! 

Greyrock Window & Door carries a number of window and door products from ProVia™ and ProVia to help enhance your home’s security and make it more energy efficient.

Make Sure Your Kitchen Is A Highlight

Most families and even renters will spend most of the time in the kitchen, with the exception of sleeping in bedrooms. This means that buyers really care about a modern, eye-popping kitchen complete with sleek appliances and plenty of natural light. There should also be plenty of counter space (bonus if it’s granite) to prepare food, place items, and even host or entertain. 

Even adding a new backsplash, hanging an attractive pot rack, or installing recessed lighting can go a really long way in dazzling buyers. And if you’re not looking to sell, then you and your family will enjoy your Northern Colorado or Southern Wyoming home just that much more with an upgraded kitchen! 

Consider Dual-Purpose Rooms

Dual-purpose rooms, also known as “flex rooms,” allow you to boast more selling points about your home without actually having more rooms inside of it. Yes, this home improvement tip is more of a marketing tip than anything else, but you can take flex rooms as far as you want. Minor renovations could mean that you have a game room-home movie theater hybrid, or perhaps a home gym combined with a play area for the kids. 

Another value-packed keyword for your home would be “mother-in-law apartment.” 

Make It Easy And Stress-Free

Everyone wants to enjoy a comfortable and attractive living space, but no one wants to worry about soiling it by living an everyday, normal life. Fortunately, there are ways to have your home look great and feel great while holding up to life’s wear and tear. 

Things like stain-resistant countertops, dust-catching carpet (or simply hardwood floors) neutral colors of paint are great ways to help home buyers or your family enjoy living without the constant worry of damaging something. 

Focus On The Yard

If you have a front-facing home (toward the street), the best way to create great impressions with realtors and potential buyers is by having an attractive, colorful, and well-manicured front yard. A freshly painted porch with clean concrete walkways will also add to the overall “wow” effect of your yard, so don’t underestimate the importance of these seemingly simple and inexpensive upgrades! 

Window Retrofitting, ProVia™ Door Installation, And More In Northern Colorado 

For a lasting investment that adds beauty, energy efficiency, and even enhanced functionality to your home, new doors or windows (why not both?) are a surefire way to upgrade your Northern Colorado or Southern Wyoming home. Get started with the professionals today at Greyrock Window & Door! 

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