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Northern Colorado and southern Wyoming are in general very safe places to live. Many people still leave their doors unlocked at night, and the crime rate remains low.

That being said, there are still those who would take advantage of an opportunity to break into your home while you are away and pilfer your precious possessions. Custom windows and doors are a frequent access point for burglars to enter. However, there are actions you can take to increase your home security.

Greyrock Window & Door in Fort Collins offers window and door replacement services, as well as siding installation and replacement. We believe in helping you have the most beautiful home with our ProVia windows and ProVia doors. We offer free estimates on all our custom window replacement and ProVia door installations. Continue reading for valuable home safety tips, and contact us today!


Look at Your Home with a Burglar’s Eye

In order to see the weaknesses in your home, you’ll have to break into it; for real. You need to get into the mind of a burglar, so one day you need to try to break into your own home. Walk around the perimeter and see if any windows are unlocked. Check your sliding glass door. Are there places for you to hide in the shadows? Is your hide-a-key in an obvious location (like under the closest rock)? Can you squeeze your own dog door? Is it easy to climb up to an open window on the second floor by crawling onto your shed’s roof? If you find any weak points, look to resolve them immediately.

Consider New Windows

Breaking windows is usually not the first option for burglars since it makes a loud noise that can draw attention. However, during the day when everyone is at work or if you live far away in the country, burglars will break your windows. Thus, Greyrock Window & Door in Fort Collins advises that you consider shatterproof glass for your next round of new windows. This will prevent anyone from accessing your home this way. However, you can invest in a security film that goes over your windows instead that would help to prevent the glass from breaking and deter thieves once they realize that this method of entry won’t work.

Always Lock Your Doors and Windows

Many crimes are crimes of opportunity, and if you make it incredibly easy to be burglarized, then one day it will probably happen. Unlocked doors and windows are practically an invitation to burglars who see an almost effortless lucrative crime. Anytime you are away from home or while you are sleeping Greyrock Window & Door in Fort Collins recommends that you lock your windows and your doors. Keep your garage door shut as well. Criminals canvassing your neighborhood now know exactly what you have in your garage, and if you have something they want, you can bet they will return for it.


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