1. Tips For Making Sure Your Windows Are Ready For Winter

    It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again — winter is right around the corner! It won’t be long before the beautiful aspens are covered in snow and as a homeowner, that means it’s time to make sure your home is prepared for the long cold season ahead. Besides cleaning up the yard and blowing out your sprinklers, there’s no better time than the present to make sure that you…Read More

  2. Four Reasons To Choose Vanguard® Windows

    If you think your home is ready for a window upgrade, chances are, you’re going to do some homework on the types of windows available, trusted brands of windows, and local window installers. Unless you’ve done it before, there’s a lot to learn about home window replacement, but the experts at Greyrock Window and Door are here to help! We’re the premier window and door installation company …Read More

  3. Four Signs You May Need Window Replacement

    If you own a home and notice that your roof is starting to leak, you would make arrangements to have it fixed. The same goes for other home repairs. But sometimes there are home improvement projects that aren’t so apparent — and they could be affecting your comfort and costing you money. In today’s post from Greyrock Window and door, we want to discuss four signs that it might be time for wi…Read More

  4. Increase Your Home’s Value With Window Replacement And New Doors!

    Living here in Fort Collins, the team at Greyrock Window & Door enjoys a great quality of life and work-life balance. With Money Magazine rating Fort Collins as the number one place to live in America (circa 2008), it’s no secret that Northern Colorado is the place to be. And what does this mean for the housing market? Inflated housing prices, to be sure.  Maybe you’ve lived in the area f…Read More

  5. Welcome To The Greyrock Window & Door Blog!

    From the Greyrock Team to our readers, we’d like to cordially welcome you to our blog here on our new and improved website. Our goal is to provide you with home improvement tips, energy efficiency pointers, and other useful information about replacing or retrofitting your home’s windows. Whether you’re in the market of fixing up and flipping homes or you’re a long-time homeowner here in No…Read More