Your day usually begins with light, whether it’s artificial light from your bedroom or bathroom, or it’s the sun’s warming rays streaming in through your bedroom window. Light is energy; it is necessary for all life here on earth. Plants need sunlight to make their food during photosynthesis. Humans need light, which our skin absorbs and uses to make essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D. We need vitamin D to help us absorb calcium so our bones stay healthy and strong. The sun warms our planet, prevents us from freezing to death, and helps our bodies grow and stay strong.

More so, we need light for our mental well-being. Sunlight helps stimulate our brains to create a chemical called serotonin, which is the feel-good chemical you get after working out. Low levels of serotonin can help contribute to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or the winter blues.


Greyrock Window & Door in Loveland offers window installation services and repair, as well as ProVia door installation. Many people neglect the fact that windows in doors bring in light as well and can make the difference in a dreary entryway or one that is full of life. Our ProVia doors are beautiful and make your home welcoming and inviting.

Greyrock Window & Door believes in the power of light to change our entire mood and attitude. If you think back to how you felt on a recent dreary day to how you feel on a sunny day, you may notice that your energy levels are increased, your day flows more smoothly, and you are more productive at work. Your thoughts are more focused, and you’re just not as antsy.


When you partner with Greyrock Window & Door, we can help you place your windows perfectly throughout your room. We also can help you size your windows as well for the optimal amount of light in the room, without feeling overwhelmed by light. Also, taking the aesthetics of the exterior of your home into consideration with window retrofitting services in Loveland is very important so that your windows look as good from the outside as they do from the inside. While replacing old windows often yields an increase in energy-efficiency, it also usually increases the value of your home. Thus, you need a window installation company that can balance the need for light and the need to increase your home’s value.

When it comes to doors, many people forget about them. You walk through your front door multiple times a day. How many times do you actually notice it? Probably not many because you are busy fast-forwarding to what you are going to do once you leave or what you’re going to do once you’re home. Hence, Greyrock Window & Door in Loveland often sees doors that have been neglected, and many times a fresh coat of paint will not suffice. Furthermore, when you have guests over, after the curb appeal of your home, they park and walk up to the front door. After they ring the doorbell and are awaiting your response, they are staring at your front door. You want one that is warm, bright, and beautiful. You want a new ProVia front door from us.


Greyrock Window & Door in Loveland loves the benefits light gives us, from making us want to get up out of bed in the morning to warming the earth so that all living creatures can survive. Having light come into your home can affect everything about your day, which is why you need the best window installation company in order to ensure your windows are doing their jobs adequately. From letting in light to preventing the cold from seeping in, windows and doors serve an irreplaceable service for our health and well-being.

For many people, replacing windows and doors is low on their home improvement list. After all, it’s fun to paint the walls a beautiful shade of blue versus hiring us to come and help retrofit your windows and doors. However, the percentage of surface area your windows, doors, and other openings take up in the outline of your home is significant. That is a lot of space that needs regular maintenance in order to maximize efficiencies.

However, when you consider the benefits of your windows and doors, they are not something you can afford to overlook. When sunlight kills germs, this prevents you from being sick. When your home office is lit, your eyes are less strained from the computer. Light helps regulate our circadian rhythm, which helps us to go to sleep at the right time every night. Every ancient civilization knew the power of sunlight, and most had some sort of god or ceremony honoring the sun.

When everything in this world depends on light, you need to depend on us to bring you the best quality light in Loveland. Call Greyrock Window & Door today for your free window installation replacement estimate!