Your home, like you, is unique and should follow your personal style. Greyrock Window & Door can help you maintain a strong sense of personality and beauty no matter what your exterior decor looks like! We are happy to offer a variety of high-quality, affordable window replacement options  including custom-made ones to suit your exact needs. Take advantage of our exclusive offers across Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming!


It can be difficult to know exactly when to start investing in new windows, especially if you don’t notice any real signs of damage or wear and tear. But keeping up with this form of homeowner maintenance is important to preserving your property value and maintaining  a sense of comfort and safety.

busy and noisy street full of traffic.

Loud Outside Noises

At Greyrock Window & Door, we recommend getting new window installations if you start to notice that environmental and other outside sounds start to creep their way into your home; this can be a sign that they are not offering the same level of privacy as they once did. It’s possible they were not originally sealed properly, have poor construction, or have just worn down over time. Don’t let the busy neighborhood and cars ruin the peace and quiet of your home.

coffee cup in front of a cold drafty window

You Feel a Draft

It’s also possible for you to notice a draft even when your windows are closed, which can be a sign of poor installation, faulty seals, or simply age.  If when the window is closed, you still feel air coming from the crevices, then that can lead to you using more heat in the winter and more air conditioning in the summer. Don’t let your residential HVAC system work extra hard to maintain the right temperature.

picture of a window frame and cold weather outside

The Frame Is Chipped or Soft

Always monitor the frame of your residential windows as well, as they may need to be replaced if they are chipped, are soft to the touch, or appear to be sagging. These are all obvious signs that a new window installation needs to be completed urgently, in order to prevent further deterioration and rot. Moisture from rain, snow and other environmental elements can cause the outside or inside frame to not function as well as before.

Our Greyrock Window & Door experts know that several factors can decrease the life of your window installations, and are here to help you live your best life in your Laporte home. Even if you just notice a little difficulty opening and closing your windows, contact us today for a free estimate and to consult your options!


The best windows you can possibly have for your home are ones that are strong, protective, stylish and add an incredible amount of value to your home. Let us help you achieve the best in residential life with our signature customer service and gorgeous window installation options. Greyrock Window & Door is proud to service several towns and residential areas across Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming, and is eager to add you to our service family! Contact us today to get the best in custom windows!

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