Home improvements are a necessary part of home ownership. However, finances are often the number one factor that keeps people from making the changes they need and want. When it comes to the windows, doors, and siding on your home, these items may be costing you money in the long run if they’re old and no longer energy-efficient. The good news is, Grey Rock Window is proud to offer financing through Service Finance Company.

Many people turn to financing for their home improvement projects, which can be a very smart move considering the value you will gain in equity in your home. Furthermore, if you are replacing old windows or doors with new windows and doors, the savings you will get in utility costs by replacing your inefficient windows with efficient windows could add up to hundreds of dollars over the course of a year, which would help you pay for your windows and doors. In sum, investing in new custom windows and doors by Greyrock Window & Door in Fort Collins and the surrounding areas is one of the smartest things you can do in home improvement projects.

One of the other common reasons people choose to finance their custom windows and doors from our window company is aesthetic value. Let’s face it, we all take pride in where we live, and we want it to look good not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. We do this by ensuring we perform regular maintenance on our homes and invest in worthwhile home improvement projects. By choosing to invest in Fort Collins’ custom windows and doors, you’ll not only be adding a beautiful element to your home, but you’ll be adding a shine where it wasn’t before. Call us for our financing offers today!

What You Need to Know About Service Finance Company

Through Service Finance Company, financing is offered to homeowners for over 500 home improvement projects. These projects include windows, doors, and siding. The application process is simple, and depending on your credit, low-interest plans along with 12-month, same as cash options are available. Service Finance Company knows that what may work for one homeowner may not work for the next. In total, they offer more than 50 solutions for financing including promotional and standard installment terms.

To learn more about financing options, contact us today!